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The Next Tuesday Podcast

Mar 20, 2018

Have you ever had a moment where everything you thought you are and wanted in your life no longer feels right? Like you’re moving down the tracks and suddenly the train jumps onto another track and route that you didn’t purchase a ticket for?

This week we talk with Christa Marshall about the transitional period for women after childbirth. Christa, a clinical psychologist and the founder of Marshall Psychological Services, explains to us her humbling journey from single woman to motherhood, and her inner and outer grapplings that led to leaving a career she loved at the VA to establishing a private practice to create lifestyle flexibility.  While continuing to provide services to veterans, Christa has opened up her practice to include clients experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders as well as women facing fertility issues and difficulty getting pregnant. Christa realized there was a need after her own experience navigating the medical system surrounding pregnancy and postpartum.

For all of you Mamas, soon to be Mamas, and one-day Mamas – YOU WANT TO LISTEN IN. Christa enlightens us with her knowledge normalizing the postpartum experience and the emotional experiences that are often swept under the rug. We talk support, flexibility, fluids, labor, life, and institutional systems. Women are sold a bill that we can have it all, and we talk about the reality of the 24/7 to make it all work. Christa is raw and real in her story and empowering to those of us who need someone to validate our experiences and remind us that we’re OK, whether we’re in the stage of motherhood or navigating a transitional period; struggling with anxiety and/or depression or feeling frustrated with where we are.

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