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The Next Tuesday Podcast

Nov 28, 2017

How do you want your grandchildren to think of you? Today, we learn from Rose McAdoo how that question shapes each decision she makes to create her inspiring and adventurous life. Knowing that she wanted to be a pastry chef at 13, Rose takes us step by step of her career to current day NYC + Whisk Me Away Cakes.

We hear Rose forge her own path and cultivate the experiences necessary for her professional growth. She demonstrates how to jump into experiences without getting caught up in self-doubt and she inspires us to try whatever we’re interested in learning more about. We learn about grit, hard work, showing up and the importance of building strong working relationships. But, mostly, we hear Rose’s love for the food world and the experiences she's had.

We also hear about one of the most significant experiences Rose has had working with a Refugee Resettlement Program in New York. The deep and meaningful friendships created through this program have impacted her career, relationships and family. The experience with the refugee and asylum seeking population sparked the impetus for Whisk Me Away Cakes. Rose bridges desserts and story telling to create more awareness of the stories, cultures, lifestyles, and experiences across the globe through treats. We are so excited to watch her idea and business continue to grow!



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